How LoiLoNote School Is Different
to What You've Seen Until Now?

Students don’t have to switch between apps to create a presentation or a video, go to the Internet, use a map, draw, take a photo or video, share things, collaborate or send you an assignment. Everything is here in LoiLoNote School. Plus, it's Cloud-based and has a few cool features to make the teacher's life easier, e.g. locking students' tablets!

What Problems Does LoiLoNote School Solve?

Benefits for Teachers

Benefits for Students

  • Students become OWNERS of their own learning and CREATORS!
    The top level of the “Bloom’s Taxonomy” ability to create boosts vastly
  • LOGICAL and CRITICAL THINKING skills improve
  • Students learn to effectively COLLABORATE and WORK IN GROUPS
  • The ability to EXPRESS ONES THOUGHTS and PRESENT in
    an organized way enhances
  • Students' CURIOSITY and ENGAGEMENT soar!
  • Lessons are more ENJOYABLE!

Used for

LoiLoNote School can be used to underpin or support just about any classroom activity you can think of - and probably some you haven't thought of yet! Here are just a few of the things that LoiLoNote School can be used for in the 21st century digital classroom...

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