Enjoy creative lessons

LoiLoNote School provides a cloud desktop where users can save information as multimedia cards.
The cards can be stacked, connected, and arranged freely,helping students organize their thoughts and providing a birds-eye view of what has been learned.
These capabilities encourage active learning and creative energy in the classroom.

Interactive lessons

Distribute Materials and send notifications
Send materials to the whole class or to individuals. Share teacher’s tablet screen in real time.
Display all students’ answers
Collect multimedia files in one place.
See who has not yet submitted their work.
Return work along with feedback individually.
Share answers and learn togather
Collect, give feeback, and return data in various formats, including PDF.
Identify students who have not submitted their work. Create an environment where students can share their answers and teach each other
Check students' understanding
Real-time display of answer results to check comprehension. Shorten grading time with automatic grading. Learning history can be exported as data.
Freedom to edit media
You can freely edit photos, videos, audio, PDF, and more. Anyone can easily create documents by adding text or hand drawings
No distractions. Classroom Managment
Teachers can control data exchange between students, and see the entire class' interaction history
Reduce the workload of teachers
The system reduces the workload of teachers by providing a way to share teaching materials city-wide, the ability to communicate with guardians, and record attendance and physical condition
Functions for language learning
Record and submit. Distribute audio or video that can be listened to repeatedly at different playback speeds. Record voice-over while playing. Collect presentation videos

Think visually

Record learning progression
Accumulate all of your lesson materials in one LoiLoNote.
Students can reflect on the lesson while organizing their cards.
This boosts students' motivation
Connect and present
Ideas can be captured as cards.
Connect cards to build a presentation.
The cards can be stacked, connected, and arranged freely.
Cards can be connected with lines and ordered to make ideas easy to understand.
Thus it is easy to quickly organize thoughts during a class.Trial and error made easy.
Thinking Tools
Graphic organizers, called ""Thinking Tools"", help develop logical thinking skills.
Students can order their ideas by placing multimedia cards on thinking tools.
The strategies they teach can help students build connections between their ideas to either broaden their thinking or converge on a core idea.
Collaborative learning
Multiple people can edit a single shared note collaboratively.
Student groups can also create individually and later exchange data with each other.

LoiLo Web Filtering is available for free!

  • URLs are assessed by a service running in the cloud, so performance does not change as the number of users increases
  • Set rules for categories of websites, whole domains, or individual URLs.
  • Set separate rules for teachers and students
  • Filtering blocks all browser tabs from accessing harmful sites
Cloud-based AI makes real-time updates to categories
Each time a user tries to access an as-of-yet un-categorised website, the AI will make an automatic assessment and add the result to its database for the future.
Teachers can control which Web students can access from the app
Teachers can control which pages students can access from the app. For example, even if a rule blocks student access to the entire YouTube site, a teacher can create exceptions for specific YouTube videos via the app, so that the students can only watch these specified videos.
Administrators can obtain web access logs of the entire school
  • Administrators can obtain web access logs of the entire school. Both restricted history and full history can be viewed seperately.
  • Display access information regarding a URL including date and time, user and their class, the URL's category and filtering results.
  • Searchable by specific keywords or time period.
Web filtering is effective on any network
Filtering is effective on any network or device. Teachers can allow students to use the Web with peace of mind even when studying at home.

Management Function

User Management
  • Sing in via SSO (using an Microsoft or Google account)
  • A single municipal administrator can manage multiple schools in the same district

Unlimited data storage capacity
  • Separate data storage for each class
  • Classes are automatically closed at the end of the year and can be viewed even after graduation.
  • Shared folders within a municipality, school, or class
Multi-platform support

One account can be used on multiple devices.
iOS (iPad, iPhone), Chromebook, Windows (Edge/Chrome browser), Android, Mac.

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Protecting your privacy

We take protecting the privacy of both teachers and children very seriously.
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We’ve gathered together examples of actual use cases from countries all over the world including USA, Germany and Japan.
Take a look at the “Support” page if you get stuck for ideas!

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