Think visually,Learn together

Strengthen creativity through idea generation

Fostering Creative Thinking

LoiLoNote School is a classroom support cloud service that fosters student autonomy and creates interactive lessons in the educational era of one device per student. It can be used in all classes from elementary school to university. Its intuitive interface allows for easy exchange of materials, visualization of thoughts, and sharing of opinions, leading to collaborative learning where children think and express themselves while also reducing the burden on teachers. It's also effective in creating personalized learning environments and home study. Compatible with multiple platforms, it can be used on any device.

LoiLoNote for School

Interactive Lesson Platform
for Student-Centered Learning

An immersive learning community emerges

The Ultimate Collaboration and Learning Platform

  • Create a digital note to boost understanding

    Create a digital note to boost understanding

    Gather all lesson data onto a single Note

    Create a digital notebook by consolidating all lessons from a unit into a single Note Desktop. This organization keeps work accessible for future reference and enhances understanding. At the end of each unit, you'll have a comprehensive summary of your work.

  • Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

    Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

    Work together with Shared Notes

    A Shared Note allows an entire class or group to collaborate on a single assignment simultaneously. You can designate sharers and adjust permissions individually. The system displays who is editing what data in real time.

  • Develop Critical Thinking

    Develop Critical Thinking

    Collaborate to shape ideas on a Thinking Tools

    Elevate your critical thinking to new heights with LoiLoNote's Thinking Tools, where your ideas come to life visually. This dynamic feature is designed to transform abstract thoughts into concrete visual representations, fostering a deeper understanding to spark innovative solutions.

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  • Epic Presentations Made Easy

    Epic Presentations Made Easy

    Just Link Your Cards

    Flex your creativity through Card creation. Connect your thoughts by connecting Cards to create a presentation for any subject at any grade level. Explaining to others advances your own understanding.

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  • Engagement-Driven Learning Management System (LMS)

    Engagement-Driven Learning Management System (LMS)

    Distribute materials, collect, compare, and assess student work, and provide feedback and Chat

    The teacher's screen is broadcasted to the students' screens to explain the materials. Assignments are distributed, and students submit their work. Notifications alert students to new assignments immediately. They can also receive individual distributions and access past data. students can ask questions to the teacher.

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  • Unleash Collaborative Learning

    Unleash Collaborative Learning

    Share Answers, Inspire Together

    Join a class where inspiration flows freely, fueled by the shared passion for learning and discovery. Witness how collaborative learning with LoiLoNote not only broadens your knowledge but also inspires creativity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for learning.

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  • Check Student Understanding

    Check Student Understanding

    Test & Questionnaire Cards

    Real-time display of response results to check comprehension. Automatic grading reduces grading time. Export learning history as data. Test mode, game mode, surveys, and polls are also available.

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  • Eliminate Web Distractions

    Eliminate Web Distractions

    Web Filter Powered by ChatGPT

    The LoiLo Web Filter is a cloud-based filtering service designed to make web use safe and efficient for student. Teachers can control students' web browsing directly from the app, and AI instantly determines categories to block the non-learning sites. LoiLoNote subscriptions come with web filtering at no extra cost.

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  • CCSS-based curriculum designed with Teaching Through Problem-solving

    CCSS-based curriculum designed with Teaching Through Problem-solving

    Free TTP Math curriculum

    Our TTP (Teaching Through Problem-solving) Math curriculum emphasizes creativity and critical thinking. Students devise creative solutions independently, blending them with existing knowledge to forge new understanding. These solutions are then shared in class to foster collective critical thinking.

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  • Our Design Principal:<br>Intuitive, Infinite, Flexible

    Our Design Principal:
    Intuitive, Infinite, Flexible

    We are dedicated to providing an intuitive desktop design that is easily navigable by both teachers and students. Users can create and store unlimited data on their Note Desktop. LoiLoNote is compatible with all operating systems and supports multiple input methods, ensuring smooth operation in diverse school settings and with various technologies.

Foster a Community of Learners

Think individually, learn together

Develop critical thinking in every subject

LoiLoNote can be used for all subjects and grade levels.

Simplify complex operations

Certerlied Operation

  • District & School admin

    District & School admin

    1. Sign in via SSO (using an Google or Microsoft account)A single municipal administrator can manage multiple schools in the same district
    2. Centralize all schools in the municipality
    3. Automatic class closure and graduation process.

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  • Assessment


    1. Automatic grading and commentary
    2. List submissions for each student for the year
    3. Batch download of test results in excel file

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  • Unlimited Data Storage

    Unlimited Data Storage

    1. Classes are automatically closed at the end of the year and can be viewed even after graduation.
    2. Shared folders within a municipality, school, or class

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