Use Examples7th GradeScience1 iPad for each student, SMART board

Me and My Life Project: Pregnancy and Childbirth (LoiLoNote)

Students used shared digital resources to explore the topics of pregnancy and childbirth at their own pace and to work on the Sexual Reproduction, Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth sections of their eBooks. Gemma Jones, Berlin Bilingual School, Berlin.

Outline of the Class

Teacher Gemma Jones used the app to share pre-prepared cards with the students that provided them with a variety of resources, including documentaries, to use as a starting point to explore the different aspects of conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. Using these resources, students revisited the topics in more detail and applied their knowledge and understanding when working individually on their eBooks.

LoiLoNote's Application

LoiLoNote was used as a way for the teacher to share useful resources with the students quickly and easily. Although this is not an unusual use of the app, it was extremely important when dealing with such a sensitive and potentially embarrassing topic for the students.

Although the resources were shared with all the students together, they were able to access and view the material individually via their own terminals and work at their own pace and within their own level of comfort. Many students were initially embarrassed at seeing naked bodies when viewing the documentaries as a group, but re-watched them repeatedly in private on their terminals either in the classroom or in the corridor.

Students were also able to look up questions relating to sex that they did not necessarily want to ask straight away or in front of others. This enabled students to adjust to a difficult topic, to get past their own feelings of discomfort and most of all, to learn and discover!

A Voice from the Classroom

“The purpose of using LoiLoNote was to let the students work at their own pace and to revisit things as many times as they needed to... After the initial feelings of embarrassment, they seemed to come to terms with the topic and I felt they were much more able to articulate questions than I would have expected,” said Gemma Jones.