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What is LoiLoNote School?

So this is the part where we tell you what our app does. Our official jargon is that LoiLoNote School (or “LNS”) is a comprehensive learning support app designed specifically for classroom settings. But what does that actually mean? It means that you can run your class (that’s the "learning support" part) all from within one app without having to switch between different apps for different tasks (that’s the “comprehensive” part).

Multimedia Cards - create high-quality multimedia presentations

Materials - import materials to Cloud for constant students access

Tunnels - share contents in real time with all or some members

Material - import materials to Cloud for constant student access

External Screen - connect to it quickly and easily with one tap of a finger

Lock Tunnels - block communications between students

Lock Screens - lock students' tablets to draw their attention to you

Students List - check who is logged in, using another app or viewing another lesson

We are worldwide!

Japan, New York(US) and Maine (US) and many more schools all around the world are using LoiLoNote School

What can I do with LoiLoNote School?

Actually, you can do quite a lot! And you can certainly do everything you need to run a class. Distribute materials, set and collect assignments, complete assignments using built-in multimedia creation tools, student work portfolios, easy groupwork with real-time collaboration and information-sharing, whole-class discussion and presentations, compare, review, annotate and return assignments, monitor student activity, and more.

Simply connect Cards to present

Lively interactive lessons


Extensive Use Examples library

We’ve gathered together examples of actual use cases from countries all over the world including USA, Germany and Japan. Take a look at the “For Teachers” page if you get stuck for ideas!

Use Examples library

Introduced in over 300 schools worldwide!

See the list of schools or browse interviews with teachers at schools which have already introduced LoiLoNote School.

List of schools

We’ve put together a collection of ideas that you can start using right away.

LoiLoNote School is Multiplatform!

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