A collaborative creation tool
for STEAM in K-12

The LoiLoNote School app makes it easy to teach interactive, student-centered lessons. Users can quickly turn ideas into shareable multimedia cards saved on an infinite work space. Cards can be quickly grouped and arranged in a way that makes sense for the learner. Used in various educational contexts, LoiLoNote School is an effective tool for students to organize and present their thoughts. Sets of selected presentations then become meaningful digital learning portfolios.

Teacher and 40 student accounts are free.

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Anyone can be a creator

Teachers can distribute images, web pages, PDF files, audio-video files, etc. to student devices; collect students' multimedia creations; show multiple ideas to the class for comparison; and send feedback about individual students' work.

Simply connect cards

Simply connect cards

Ideas can be captured as cards.
Cards can be connected with lines and ordered to make ideas easy to understand. Thus it is easy to quickly organize thoughts during a class.

Share cards with the class

Share cards with the class

Students can submit to the teacher the ideas they captured as cards or share them with one another. Cards can be used to make a presentation, show ideas to friends, or compare ideas as a class; creating opportunities for shared learning experiences.

Record learning progression

Record learning progression

Pre-class work, in-class presentations and exercises, and review work can all be stored as cards in a single note.
Learners can create a personalized record of what they learned, available for review any time.

Create enthusiastic learners

Because students can rapidly turn their ideas into presentations, opportunities for self-expression in the classroom increase. Increased self-expression boosts students motivation, leading to increased uptake and a positive attitude towards learning. As a natural result, students scores improve.

Fredrick Gear: Engagement went from 80% to 100%

Pilot Schools Wanted

Schools or classrooms that volunteer to be pilot schools enjoy use of our full-featured School Plan for free. In exchange, we only ask that they send us a single one-page report each semester, detailing a lesson that used LoiLoNote School.
To apply, please contact us.

LoiLoNote School is Multiplatform!