Use Examples6th GradeHistory (Research Project Presentations)1 iPad for each student

Studying Ancient Egypt: Hieroglyphic Tomb Inscriptions (LoiLoNote)

During their yearlong study of the topic, students created a multi-slide presentation towards a self-researched project about Ancient Egypt. At the end of the year, they designed an Ancient Egyptian tomb inscription using hieroglyphs. Teacher David Millians, Paideia School, GA.

Outline of the Class

The teacher sent all the students a template from which to build their presentations via a Tunnel*. Each student was required to use at least the slides in the template, but many chose to add more slides, play with transitions, music, and so on. FInally, each student gave their presentation to the rest of the class and submitted their final presentation to the teacher through a Tunnel.

The presentations took place over multiple classes and were part of a larger, yearlong assignment about Ancient Egypt, with the ultimate goal to research, create and submit a clear, organized self-researched project about the student’s chosen topic related to Ancient Egypt.

At the end of the year, students were invited to create their own individual tomb inscription using LoiLoNote. Students created cards with colorful text and images as well as standard tomb inscriptions of their choice translated into Middle Egyptian and written out in hieroglyphs using image files shared by the teacher.

*The tunnelling feature enables sharing contents and data between users via wifi in real time.

LoiLoNote's Application

LoiLoNote provided a flexible, multimedia platform on which to research, build and present the students’ presentations. According to teacher David Millians, “Students had a great time exploring the multimedia possibilities of LoiLoNote, importing media, linking notes and so on.”

It also enabled quick, simple exchange of resources between teacher and students, from the original presentation template right through to the students’ ultimate submission of their final presentation. Finally, it was used by the teacher to simply and easily import home-made images of hieroglyphs for use by the students in their tomb inscription.

A Voice from the Classroom

David Millians commented on the students reactions to LoiLoNote: “Most students found LoiLoNote very appealing and exciting.” He also commented on its long-lasting impact on the students’ learning and study methods: “Several students now use LoiLoNote to take notes, make multi-media flash cards for studying, and simply to explore the manipulation of various media within their iPads. They love its intuitive tools and arrangements.”