Use Examples8th GradeScience5 iPads (1 per group)

Teaching Energy and Electricity (LoiLoNote)

In a series of lessons on electrical energy and circuit design, students were introduced to LoiLoNote as a means to facilitate learning and understanding about alternative energy sources. Bonnie Wright, Providence Day School, NC.

Outline of the Class

Students were tasked to research an alternative energy source of their choice and create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) or commercial about their chosen energy source or a certain aspect of energy to share with the rest of the class. The teacher specified that the PSA or commercial was to be a maximum of one to two minutes in length.

LoiLoNote's Application

Once LoiLoNote was installed on the iPads, students first experimented with the app to see all it could do. They were then set the task above. After using LoiLoNote to gather, collate and share research resources and information regarding their particular alternative energy source, students then used the app to plan out a storyboard for their PSA.

LoiLoNote was particularly successful and useful when organizing the information in the form of a storyboard, especially due to its innovative tunneling feature which allows easy and instantaneous sharing of data. Since the PSA was only allowed to be one to two minutes in length, LoiLoNote also helped students to focus on including only the most important aspects that they wanted to get across in their PSA.

A Voice from the Classroom

Bonnie Wright gave her feedback after using LoiLoNote in her science class: “My students loved experimenting and using LoiLoNote. They were fully engaged. The tunneling aspect is what really drew them in. They found it very user friendly and easy to manipulate... I can see LoiLoNote being used for a variety of effective in-class applications.”