Use Examples3rd GradeScience and Language Arts1 iPad 2 for each student

The Solar System Project: Studying Our Universe (LoiLoNote)

Students were tasked to conduct independent research and create an individual project demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of a planet of their choice. Abbie Plaskov, Conners Emerson Elementary School, ME.

Outline of the Class

At the beginning of the project, a whole class discussion was held in which students discussed their prior knowledge of our solar system. The class then explored our place in both the solar system and the universe through discussion, books, observation of the night sky, and online resources such as video animations of planetary movements.

Students then conducted independent research on our solar system and selected a planet to focus on for their final presentation. They engaged in research using online sources and took notes, wrote summaries and drew illustrations, outlining their project on paper before switching to LoiLoNote to create their presentations.

The final projects were in video form and were presented in front of a live audience at a parents’ meeting. After the meeting, the projects were also made available to parents to view via YouTube. You can watch them here

LoiLoNote's Application

LoiLoNote was used for the final stage of collating and creating the students’ presentations. Students’ projects consisted of written information, original student-drawn illustrations - both technical scientific drawings and creative artwork - as well as illustrations from online sources, maps, and oral explanations and information on planets and the solar system. LoiLoNote’s multimedia capabilities offered ample opportunities for students to expand their learning though a range of media as well as to exercise their sense of fun, creativity, and individuality.

A Voice from the Classroom

Teacher Abbie Plaskov reflected, “Students very much enjoyed working with LoiLoNote to develop their presentations. LoiLoNote offered opportunities to demonstrate their learning in a variety of media, but also showed the humor and creativity of the student. LoiLoNote’s sharing capabilities via Tunnel*, which enable and encourage collaborative learning, are another of its benefits.”

*The tunnelling feature enables sharing contents and data between users via wifi in real time.