Use Examples4th GradeScience and Language Arts1 MLTI iPad 3 for each student

The Biome Project: Studying the World’s Ecology (LoiLoNote)

Students created a group presentation on their group’s chosen “biome” (a large geographical area with a distinct ecological community of plants and animals adapted to that particular environment). Heather Dority, Conners Emerson Elementary School, ME.

Outline of the Class

At the beginning of the project, a whole class discussion was held where students discussed their prior knowledge of “biome” as a term, concept, and the biome in which we live. The class then explored biomes through discussion, books, and online sources such as video, web sites etc.

Students then conducted independent research on biomes in books and online and individually selected a biome to focus on for their final presentation. Students were sorted into working groups based on their chosen biome.

In each biome group, students divided up the areas of research and tasks. Each student produced a “stack” of cards in LoiLoNote to complete his or her assigned research task. The “stacks” of cards were shared via a Tunnel* to create one final project on the group’s biome.

*The tunnelling feature enables sharing contents and data between users via wifi in real time.

LoiLoNote's Application

LoiLoNote was first used individually as a place for each student to collate his or her information and turn it into a “stack” of cards. It was then used collaboratively, to share each student’s work with the other members of the group via the Tunnel and compile the final project quickly and easily.

Students’ LoiLoNote projects consisted of written information, original student-drawn illustrations - both technical scientific drawings and creative artwork - as well as illustrations from online sources, maps, and oral explanations and information on the group’s biome.

A Voice from the Classroom

Teacher Heather Dority particularly highlighted LoiLoNote’s collaborative aspects as a feature that distinguishes it from other apps on the market:
“LoiLoNote is easy for even young students to use, and yet offers the potential for impressive results that students are anxious to share with other students, parents, and the world via online publication. Students quickly become ‘expert’ at the technical use of LoiLoNote, and that confidence leads to sharing expertise with fellow students, adding to an all-important collaborative atmosphere in the classroom. It is a collaborative and creative tool that truly helps students become more engaged in their learning.”