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Researching the History of Chocolate (LoiLoNote)

In a unit themed on “chocolate”, students were asked to construct a visual representation or presentation outlining the history of chocolate. Dr. Dias-Lacy, California Avenue School, Uniondale, NY.

Outline of the Class

First, students were asked to read a short story about chocolate. They were then asked to go online and research information on the history of chocolate. They were also asked to take a chocolate bar and examine the nutritional value and the contents of the chocolate bar and record it accordingly.

After all data from research activities were compiled, students were asked to create a LoiLoNote presentation which included and presented all the data they had collected during the course of their research.

LoiLoNote's Application

LoiLoNote was used to search for information online about the history of chocolate, to record the nutritional information of a chocolate bar, and to compile all the data and organize it into a final presentation - everything could be done from within one app.

Dr. Dias-Lacy describes the application and benefits of LoiLoNote in her classes: “I use LoiLoNote regularly in my classroom for students to study, to illustrate higher order thinking in the 21st Century Common Core classroom, and lastly it allows my students to organize their ideas easily.”

A Voice from the Classroom

Dr. Dias-Lacy gave us her feedback: “My students LOVE using LoiLoNote and really enjoy sharing their work with their classmates. It allows for academic freedom and creativity, which is sometimes lacking [in] a high-stakes culture...LoiLoNote is a revolutionary way to expand a child’s ZPD* and allow them to flourish while they learn!”

*Zone of Proximal Development: the difference between what a learner can do with help and without help.