Use Examples9th GradeESL1 iPad for each student, SMART board

Foreign Language Education: Introducing My Friends in English (LoiLoNote)

English teacher Ms. Kondoh split her students into groups and set them the task of introducing one student from each group to other group members in English. Miwa Kondoh, Yamanashi Eiwa Middle School, Yamanashi prefecture.

Outline of the Class

One LoiLoNote-installed iPad device was provided to each group to work on the introductory presentation. First, each group discussed a scenario to introduce a student nominated in the group, and agreed on what materials to use in their presentations - photos, videos, audio recordings, music and text.

LoiLoNote's Application

The app was used to take photos and videos and record students’ voices. Students also brainstormed from within the app and prepared a final presentation, which was also delivered using the app.

A Voice from the Classroom

What Mrs. Kondoh and students liked about working with LoiLoNote was its simplicity and ease of use:

- Photos and videos are taken and available for preview right away from within he app, so students enjoyed a lot of freedom when selecting appropriate images.

- LoiLoNote allows simple video editing, so students could crop videos in no time at all

- Designing text cards with end rolls etc. was very easy, with a sufficient collection of fonts, sizes, colors and background effects available

- Students recorded their voices as comments for photos and videos. Since instant preview is available, they could quickly decide whether they liked the audio, and if not, they could easily retake and replace it.

- Photos, videos, text etc. are stored as separate Cards and all you have to do is connect them by drawing lines between them to create a slideshow. It took students only the touch of a finger to rearrange Cards as they were brainstorming the flow of their presentations.

“LoiLoNote boosted students’ involvement in the task. They tried hard to prepare good presentations. Students seemed to enjoy working with the app, since it combines simplicity with powerful tools,” said Mrs. Kondoh.