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The ‘Jigsaw Classroom’: Leaf Structure and Function (LoiLoNote)

The 'Jigsaw Classroom' is a proactive and peer learning method. Mr. Imada put this concept into practice in his science class. Mr. Imada, science teacher at Iwami Junior High School, Iwami, Tottori prefecture.

Outline of the Class

First, students were divided into “home groups” of four. The subject of the class was the “Leaf Structure and Function” and four experiments were conducted. One student from each “home group” was assigned to a respective “expert group” and ran one of the experiments together. Students were expected to be proactive to get the most from their research in order to act as experts on the given topic once back to their “home groups.”

The “expert groups” created presentations on what they had learned in the process. Lastly, each student brought the outcomes from his/her “expert groups” back to the “home group” and made a presentation for the others. What is crucial about the jigsaw method is that all students have to act as teachers, which engages them more in the process of learning, helping them absorb knowledge in a more effective way.

LoiLoNote's Application

iPad proved a very effective support tool for running the jigsaw classroom and LoiLoNote played a key role throughout the process. First, photos and videos of the experiment were taken from within the app. Then, along with web contents and text they were put together on LoiLoNote’s storyboard in the form of Cards.

Next, students shared their findings and thoughts with other members of their “expert groups,” ran a brainstorm to select the most appropriate contents and discussed the best order to present these findings to the other students. Finally, they organized everything into a slideshow by drawing lines between Cards to ultimately create a final presentation.

The important point to note is that everything could only be accomplished by using LoiLoNote. The app was effective not only in terms of preparing a presentation, but also for sharing information using the “tunneling” feature, especially while working in the “expert groups.”

A Voice from the Classroom

“LoiLoNote was so easy to handle that students were able to concentrate on their investigation and discussion without getting distracted by technical issues. No help from the teacher was needed throughout the process,” said Mr. Imada. iPad and LoiLoNote were all that students needed to independently accomplish their projects in groups. Mr. Imada said he “would continue to use these tools together as a vehicle for students to deliver their thoughts.”