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Studying Common Body Parts: Learning by Labelling

Labeling is a fun and easy way for students to learn keywords in any subject from Biology to Social Studies. Karen DeCarolis, Crescent Park Elementary, Bethel, ME.

Outline of the Class

I found a pdf file of an open mouth ready to receive body part labels for the various teeth and tongue body parts, and uploaded it to my LoiLoNote School account on my desktop. I put the image into the science folder of my Materials Box which I can also access on my iPad.

I “pushed” this to the children, and we spent a session working on labeling the various teeth, tongue, uvula, and lips. Each child was able to do their own work on their own iPad, and we shared and compared our results. They loved doing this, and learned a great deal.

So, when we moved on to the systems of the body, I found a skeleton pdf file awaiting labels, and repeated the task. We worked on the skeleton for several sessions. Now we are working on labelling the chambers of the heart in the same way!

Teacher Point of View

I am finding I can use the same technique in Social Studies for labeling direction points on a compass rose, continents and oceans on a world map, or areas of interest on our state map. I find that I often ask myself, “Would this item be better as a paper worksheet, or as an activity we can do together as a LoiLoNote School pdf?” In many cases, the answer is LoiLoNote School.