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ICT cross-curricular with English and Life skills

Snorkeling in Okinawa (Digital Journal)

Okinawa Amicus International
Deborrah Pinar

One of the objectives for this unit was to find an alternative way to motivate the children to compose a journal about their snorkeling activity in September. The students were encouraged to recall the activity and were asked to be creative, by drawing pictures, in showing the sequence of events. The students were also given a chance to edit their own work since they had to record their voice, listen to it and assess whether they were satisfied with their output or make it better. The second objective was for the students to present their digital journal.

Before the students made their digital journal, they were asked to recall the activity, which activity they liked and why they liked it. Next, a sample digital journal was shown on the active board using LoiLoNote. The teacher drew her favorite activity and recorded her voice using the program. This presentation got the students’ attention since they like using an iPad and drawing pictures. After the teacher’s presentation, each student was given an iPad and was asked to pay attention and follow the procedure on how to use LoiLoNote. The students were asked to produce a journal with 3-5 slides.

The Benefits of Using LoiLoNote School in this Unit

  • Motivates students to create / write a journal
  • Helps students to sequence events by arranging the slides
  • Allows students to edit their work easily
  • Enables the students to understand and apply the program after teaching them the basics of LoiLoNote
  • Easy to monitor the student’s progress

Objectives of the Unit

  • Recall and create a digital journal about the snorkeling activity
  • Use LoiLoNote to create a digital journal
  • Present a digital journal

Six Scenes from the Unit

1. Log in

First, the students were asked to find the LoiLoNote icon. Then, they were asked to find their class and their name.

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2. Slides

Next, The students were asked to choose a subject, “Life Skills”. Then, they were taught how to make the first slide. On the first slide, they were asked to type the title of the activity and their name.

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3. Draw

After learning how to type, they were taught how to draw on the slides. They were asked to click “pencil” and choose which drawing tool to use. The students used 4-5 slides to complete their activity.

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4. Arrange the slides

The students were asked to review the slides. Then, they were taught how to arrange them by connecting the arrows.

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5. Record

The students were asked to record their voice for each slide. They were asked to click the microphone icon, listen to their recording and assess if they need to record it again.

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6. Submission

The students were asked to submit their work. They were taught how to drag the slides and choose “task”. Students’ outputs were shown on the interactive board.
After submitting their activity, the teacher asked for volunteers to present their journal in class.
It took 4 ICT classes to finish the activity.

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