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Classroom Daily Announcement

Classroom Announcement

Okinawa Amicus International
Carey Napper

Students working in pairs write their own discussion questions for our daily announcement. They are free to use various colors, icons and/or images. Typically, they will have English related questions like spelling, but use of various size letters, colors and/or images is up to them. They usually work almost entirely independently and can finish this task in about 10-15 minutes.

The Benefits of Using LoiLoNote School in this Unit

  • Students are quite familiar with this program and enjoy working with it.
  • Student-friendly displays and interactivity.
  • Icons and images make presentations more interesting.
  • Students can personalize presentation with their own photos.

Objectives of the Unit

  • Make an interesting, unique and entertaining morning announcement.
  • Increase knowledge and confidence using apps/iPads.
  • Work and create presentation independently in about 10-15 minutes.

Six Scenes from the Unit

1. Teamwork to make today’s presentation

From 8:30-8:45am, class helpers work independently outside the classroom to make their own unique morning presentation.

2. Customizing with icons

Using icons/emoticons is a popular way for students to make their presentations more personalized, interesting and fun. Once students are shown how to access the icons, they use this feature very comfortably.

3. Customizing with photos

Photos are another good way to make the presentation more personalized and interesting.

4. The presentation (1)

When finished, the students present and use their LoiLo material to lead the daily announcement. Students can hold the iPad and read directly off of it (which means they’re facing their audience which is more desirable).

5. The presentation (2)

Students also have the choice to read the announcement directly off the interactive board, but this requires having to constantly keep turning to see the board.

6. Icons offer fun and increase engagement

Icons reinforce the questions students ask and increase excitement/motivation to answer and participate.