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Okinawa Amicus International

The goal was to have students use manipulatives to divide and create slides. They had to use the camera to take photos and type the problems, math sentences and complete answers. Finally, they recorded their voices.

The Benefits of Using LoiLoNote School in this Unit

  • Students are stimulated
  • Students use this tool as a practical, not just theory
  • Students enjoy creating an original story
  • Students show step-by-step how to solve a problem
  • The only problem we had was that we didn’t have enough time to share the results with other students. Next time, we will plan to have a double lesson.

Objectives of the Unit

  • Take photos of manipulatives
  • Type a text (math question)
  • Use a finger to draw lines (show how to divide)
  • Record voice

Six Scenes from the Unit

1. Typing the sentence

Students have a written problem in their note books. They start typing the sentence into LoiLoNote.

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2. Arrangement of manipulatives and photo taking. Voice recording

Next, students arrange the manipulatives on their notebooks. Then, they will take photos of the divided manipulatives, and use the drawing pane to draw the lines to separate groups formed from the whole. Finally, they will record their voices.

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3. Presentation to pair 1

Students present to the first pair. They have to show a process in about 4 slides. Slide 1 is the typed problem. Slide 2 is the photo taken from manipulatives. Slide 3 is the math sentence. Slide 4 is the answer in a full sentence.

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4. Presentation to pair 2

Students move on to the next group in a rotation style to present the same thing.

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5. Feedback

During the presentations, the other students give feedback using the worksheet below.

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6. Feedback sheet

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