All-in-One Learning Support App LoiLoNote School Makes US Debut, Free Downloads until October 13th!

Common Core-aligned App that Builds Students' Real-World Skills and Revolutionizes the Digital Classroom

YOKOHAMA, Japan - September 13, 2014. LoiLo Inc. today announced the US release of LoiLoNote School, its Cloud-based, CLM-enhanced collaborative multimedia app for tablet designed especially for schools. To mark the US release of LoiLoNote School, LoiLo is offering FREE downloads of the app for one month!

LoiLoNote School was developed from its forerunner LoiLoNote based on feedback from teachers and students so it fits the actual needs of the current digital classroom. It powers communication between teachers and students, boosting students’ independence and helping them become creators and owners of their own learning as well as develop Common Core “real-world skills” necessary for future careers in school, college and the workplace, such as multimedia literacy, teamwork, and powers of expression.

What is special about LoiLoNote School?

・All-in-one: all the tools you need to run a Common Core aligned lesson in one app. No other similar comprehensive app on the market.

・CLM tools: a variety of functions designed to make teachers’ lives easier and ensure order and control in the classroom.

・Collaboration: No other app effectively facilitates teamwork and information sharing in real-time.

・Ease of use: the user interface is so intuitive, even elementary school kids can master it in no time. No complex on-site training is required.

・Cloud-based: ease and peace of mind when transferring, accessing and storing data even between different platforms.

What can you do with LoiLoNote School?

Teachers can…
Create, upload and distribute lesson materials; collate, organize and share information; collect, compare, and evaluate student work, and much more.

Students can…
Use a range of sophisticated multimedia production tools to complete assignments; communicate and collaborate with classmates in real time; benefit from an intuitive, fun and kid-friendly interface, and more.

To let American users experience LoiLoNote School in action, LoiLo Inc. is offering free downloads of the app for the first month post launch. Downloads are available from the iTunes and Windows stores.

About LoiLo

LoiLo Inc. is a Japanese start-up developing mobile applications and video editing software. It aims to create a worldwide market for simple, fun interfaces that stimulate users’ creativity. LoiLo Inc.’s business activities have been mainly focused on the education market in Japan, and our products have achieved widespread recognized in Japan. Now our goal is to gain the loyalty of teachers and students in the U.S. and Europe. Our portfolio includes LoiLoNote, our award-winning tablet-based classroom learning support tools, LoiLoNote School, and video editing software LoiLoScope and LoiLo Education.

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