LoiLo Inc. wins Ministerial Award for its Collaborative Learning Lesson Support App LoiLoNote School in Japan e-Learning Awards 2014!

TOKYO - November 25, 2014. LoiLo Inc. is delighted to announce that LoiLoNote School, its comprehensive collaborative learning lesson support app, has won the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Award in the Japan e-Learning Awards 2014 (; Japanese only).

In their evaluation, the judges commended LoiLoNote School for its simple, user-friendly interface which is intuitive and easy-to-use for both teachers and students, and for its fulfillment of the need for more accessible ICT tools for non-specialised teachers who do not necessarily possess a high level of ICT skills or know-how.

The judges also rated LoiLoNote School highly for its clever design which allows students and teachers to use different versions of the same interface to simply and easily combine and manipulate a variety of multimedia digital materials including photos, images and text, and create and share presentations.

They also praised its innovative yet practical design with real-world classroom situations firmly in mind. On the software front, they highlighted its simple yet effective peer-to-peer communication function (known as “Tunnels”) which enables the app to be used in both individualized and collaborative learning scenarios, while on the hardware front, they singled out its Cloud-based design which avoids the need for installing dedicated hardware such as a specialized server.

LoiLo Inc. CEO Koji Sugiyama said, “LoiLoNote School is growing along with the teachers who are using it. We were able to win this honorable award in Japan thanks to the efforts of teachers who are enthusiastically engaged in teaching every day. We will continue developing it, aiming for simplicity and creativity, so that it becomes a standard tool supporting 21st Century education around the world”.

The Japan e-Learning Awards recognise contents, services and solutions using e-Learning by companies, local governments and organizations that enhance academic development and opportunities for new kinds of learning for both schools and individuals as well as improving production cost-cutting, productivity growth and operational reform.

The Awards are now in their ninth year, and enjoy backing and support from various Japanese government ministeries. The awards ceremony, with awards presentations from government ministeries as well as presentations by winning entrants, is held alongside the e-Learning Awards 2014 Forum. The e-Learning Awards 2014 Forum is the only comprehensive forum in Japan to offer information, presentations and discussions as well as abundant examples of the present and future of e-Learning.

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About LoiLo

LoiLo Inc. is a Japanese start-up developing mobile applications and video editing software. It aims to create a worldwide market for simple, fun interfaces that stimulate users’ creativity. Up until now, LoiLo Inc.’s business activities have been mainly focused on the domestic education market in Japan, and our products have achieved widespread recognition, winning several prizes and awards in Japan. Now our goal is to expand our market and capture the hearts of teachers and students in the U.S. and Europe. Our portfolio includes LoiLoNote and LoiLoNote School, our award-winning tablet-based classroom learning support tools, and video editing software LoiLoScope and LoiLo Education.

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