LoiLoNote School Revamps All-in-One Active Learning App

Updated version of app focuses on improved workflow management and student enabling tools

YOKOHAMA, Japan. - February 25, 2015.

LoiLo Inc. has updated LoiLoNote School, its flagship active learning support app, to help enhance even further its workflow management tools for teachers and empower students to be able to showcase better what they have learned and how they understand things.

LoiLoNote School is an active and personalized learning app combining powerful multimedia creation and collaboration tools to boost students' creativity and critical thinking skills and class workflow management and behavior control tools for teachers. This interactive tool supports both teacher-directed and student-centered apporoaches, depending on the activity goal.

It powers communication and collaboration between teachers and students, helping students develop “real-world skills” such as media literacy, teamwork, and powers of expression necessary for school, college and the workplace in line with Common Core standards.

Following the revamp, the app now incorporates some heavily requested features by existing users. Specifically, the new version offers screen sharing functions, a laser pointer, and a new and improved user interface.

“Our goal was to strengthen parts of the app that facilitate a student-centered approach, while letting teachers stay in charge at all times, hence the current updates,” said Koji Sugiyama, CEO at LoiLo Inc.

The updated app’s new features include:

・Screen sharing for teachers: live, real-time screen sharing feature using the latest technology for teachers to give students a dramatic close-up of important classroom materials and to ensure students stay on track.

・Screen sharing for students: students can simply, quickly and easily showcase what they’ve found, learned, or created in class. No need to mess around connecting tablets, computers or TV screens - students can share what they’re doing with other users instantly and effortlessly with just the touch of a button.

・Laser pointer: new built-in laser pointer allows users to highlight or draw others’ attention to particular points on the screen when screen sharing. Teachers and students can underline or illustrate their points or alert listeners to details on content-heavy slides when presenting. Teachers can use it to introduce points and explain tasks, prompt questions and evaluate, mark work or give feedback as a whole class.

・Improved interface: a new, streamlined interface that is designed to be even simpler and more straightforward to use. Clearer, more easily identifiable desktop icons; cleaner, sleeker editing mode for user-generated content; more intuitive positioning of navigation buttons such as log in/log out buttons all improve accessibility and useability for a wide range of users from kindergarten and up.

Current users can update their version of the app and new users can download it for free from the App Store and Windows stores. To learn more about LoiLoNote School or LoiLo’s other products, visit

About LoiLo

LoiLo Inc. is a Japanese start-up developing mobile applications and video editing software. It aims to create a worldwide market for simple, fun interfaces that stimulate users’ creativity. LoiLo Inc.’s business activities have been mainly focused on the education market in Japan, and our products have achieved widespread recognition in Japan. Now our goal is to gain the loyalty of teachers and students in the U.S. and Europe. Our portfolio includes our award-winning tablet-based classroom learning support tool LoiLoNote School, its forerunner LoiLoNote, and video editing software LoiLoScope and LoiLo Education.

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