LoiLoNote School
  • ₹ 999 +tax

    INR / per student / per year

    • Unlimited data storage
    • Usable on multiple devices
    • No charge for teachers

Try it for free for 90 days

No charge for teachers

If your school wishes to use our full-featured service with teacher-users only, you can do so at no cost! There are many ways teachers might use it without student accounts.

  • Use your smartphone as a document camera
  • Show multimedia files
  • Share materials between teachers
  • Facilitate staff meetings

To set up a teacher-only account, please contact us.

Try it for Free for 1 year as a Pilot School

As a pilot school, your school (or classroom) can use all the features of our paid plan with an unlimited number of teacher- and student-users for free for one year. In exchange, we simply ask pilot schools to provide one single-page report per semester detailing how they used LoiLoNote School in their lessons.

To volunteer as a pilot school, please contact us

Questions about purchasing?

Please feel free to contact us


Operating Conditions

iOS (Apple/iPad) Version:

*For iOS devices, please use the app not the Web version.

Compatiable with OS versions up to one version before latest major update.

LoiLoNote School Web Version System Requirements

Please use the Web version if you are using a Chromebook, a Mac, Windows, or Android.

Recommended browsers

  • Google Chrome (Latest Version)
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium, Latest Version)

Recommended hardware

  • Display supporting multi touch (app also supports mouse and keyboard)
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Speakers

Users’ privacy is important to us.
To learn more about how we handle users’ personal information, please review our privacy policy.