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The LoiLo Web Filter is a cloud-based filtering service designed to ensure safe and effective web usage during classes. Teachers can directly manage and control students' web access through the app, with AI-powered real-time category updates to block the latest harmful sites. It offers features like web usage history, device access logs, and nighttime web usage restrictions to meet educational needs. Purchasing LoiLo Web Filter grants free access to the class support app, LoiLoNote School. Conversely, purchasing LoiLoNote School provides free use of LoiLo Web Filter.

LoiLoNote for School

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AI Web Filtering is Revolutionizing the Era of One-to-One Education

Teachers can control student browsing.

  • Access Only Educational Web Content

    Access Only Educational Web Content

    Teachers control web access at the click of a button.

    Teachers can adjust web browsing restrictions for students through admin settings, and permit access to specific URLs that are usually blocked. For example, if YouTube is blocked for student access, a teacher can selectively permit access to specific YouTube videos using the LoiLo Web Filter extension.

  • Blocks the latest harmful sites worldwide.

    Blocks the latest harmful sites worldwide.

    Powered by OpenAI (GPT-4) continually updates the database.

    AI continuously updates the global website database, immediately categorizing new sites and allowing teachers to set access permissions for categories or specific URLs and domains.

  • User Web Log Available

    User Web Log Available

    Web log is accessible only by Districts and School Administrators.

    Administrators can access web logs for all schools in the jurisdiction. Web logs can be sorted by date and displays usage time and rates.

  • Restrict student web browsing at night

    Restrict student web browsing at night

    Nighttime web restriction for peace of mind

    Filtering can be applied to devices used outside of school or for remote learning. The nighttime web filter options keep the web filter settings in place when students are with their devices unsupervised outside of school. Settings can be configured en masse by Districts Admin or School Admin.

  • District Admin can set restrictions for all schools

    District Admin can set restrictions for all schools

    Districts can set settings collectively or for individual schools.

    District administrators can choose whether to prioritize district-wide or school-specific settings.
    "District priority" allows for centralized management across the district, while "school priority" enables individual schools to manage their own settings.

  • Free access to LoiLoNote for School

    Free access to LoiLoNote for School

    Purchasing a LoiLo Web Filter subscription grants free access to "LoiLoNote for School"

    Purchasing a “LoiLoNote for School” subscription provides the LoiLo Web Filter for free.

Supports all operating systems.
Offers effective filtering across all browsers.

The filter is effective across browsers on Chromebooks, Windows, and iOS devices, allowing for seamless use regardless of OS between teacher and student.

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provideChrome Extensions installationGoogle Admin Console
provideEdge Extensions installationMicrosoft Intune
provideBuilt into the app installationNo installation needed

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Free forever

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Free for one year

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