Profound Mathematical Understanding
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Discover New Ideas
with Teaching-Through Problem Solving (TTP)

Designed with a Teaching Through Problem-Solving methodology

LoiLo TTP Math is a problem-solving based math curriculum designed to foster a habit of independent learning and bring the joy of exploration to students. Utilizing interactive tools, students share their ideas with the class, gaining insights from diverse perspectives to enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts. This focus on conceptual understanding improves their ability to apply knowledge and boosts test scores. Aligned with CCSS, the curriculum offers four types of lessons and is customizable. Teacher accounts are free for life, while student accounts cost $15 annually with a one-year trial available. This curriculum enhances students' critical thinking skills.

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We are offering our Curriculum 1st Edition for free to inspire children to discover the joy of exploration.

Teachers can use the app and curriculum forever at no cost.
Student accounts are available at $15 per student per year, with a one-year trial.

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  • The Science of Understanding

    The Science of Understanding

    In Japan, TTP has been well established in schools since 1990, with a focus on developing the ability to apply knowledge. It is said that when new ideas meet existing knowledge, new understanding is achieved. For essential improvement in math grades, it is crucial not just to memorize knowledge but to understand concepts that can be applied to unfamiliar tasks.
  • Evidence of conceptual understanding

    Evidence of conceptual understanding

    This graph from TIMSS shows the relationship between the percentage of test material covered in class (X-axis) and the students' accuracy rates (Y-axis). Results from Japan show that students are managing to correctly answer questions on topics they have not yet studied by applying knowledge from previously learned subjects.
  • Elevate creative thinking!

    Elevate creative thinking!

    To understand concepts, students first need to establish creative solutions on their own. Our LoiLo TTP Math curriculum focuses on creating moments for students to form their own thoughts and elevate those thoughts through peer discussion. Not only does this improve math grades, but it enhances students' critical thinking abilities.

The chart evidence of TTP implementation
at John Muir Elementary School in San Francisco.

This graph highlights math scores between 2014-2019 when John Muir Elementary incorporated TTP into their math education program, showing positive student learning outcomes across all sub-groups.

LoiLo TTP Math Curriculum being used at SFUSD (2024)

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The advantages of "LoiLo TTP Math"

  • Two versions designed to fit your students learning levels

    Two versions designed to fit your students learning levels

    Fully CCSS Math compliant with advanced content

    LoiLo TTP Math CCSS+ 1st Edition
    ・180 lessons, 60 min per lesson + 20 hours of extended lessons.
    ・All CCSS addressed

    LoiLo TTP Math Japan 1st Edition
    ・150 lessons, 50 min per lesson
    ・includes some above grade-level content

  • Synthesize Math Lessons

    Synthesize Math Lessons

    An interactive app with a live feel.

    LoiLoNote enables the essential sequence of TTP activities—collecting, sharing, comparing, and presenting student responses—all digitally. Any teacher can easily incorporate TTP into their lessons.

  • Orchestrate TTP lessons for optimal understanding

    Orchestrate TTP lessons for optimal understanding

    Four types of lessons that generate "The Science of Understanding":

    1. Investigate a new math concept by using existing knowledge.
    2. Learn different solutions from friends and teachers.
    3. Apply what you've learned.
    4. Take on higher-level problems to test your application skills and review again.

  • One Card for One Unit for efficient planning

    One Card for One Unit for efficient planning

    Units structured for easy student understanding

    We have incorporated decades of research from Japan's Lesson Study into the content and sequence of our materials. It's designed so that teachers can conduct TTP lessons seamlessly. The curriculum is structured to build on a new math concept with every lesson progression.

  • One Card for One Lesson

    One Card for One Lesson

    designed to simplify teaching.

    Reviewing the entire lesson on one Card, allows for quick understanding of lesson flow. Each lesson comes with a lesson plan to aid educators in guiding students through the lesson.

  • Fully customize-able curriculum

    Fully customize-able curriculum

    Edit or create your own lessons expediently

    All digital data is editable, allowing customization according to the class's level of understanding and progress. Presentation cards, student cards, and teacher guides are color-coded for easy differentiation.

  • A list of all the students' answer is visible

    A list of all the students' answer is visible

    The lesson progresses based on the students' answers.

    You can identify who hasn't submitted their answers and what each student has answered. The teacher can select and compare the best answers to progress the lesson.
    Additionally, by sharing the entire class's responses, students can learn from each other. You can also set deadlines for assignments and collect them. Once the teacher sets an assignment, notifications are sent to the students, preventing them from forgetting to submit their work.

  • A digital white board to organize your lesson progression

    A digital white board to organize your lesson progression

    Board Work Sample on the “Collective Thinking Board”

    The Collective Thinking Board (CTB) is a digital board plan designed to guide discussions through Neriage (synthesis). Teachers can select student work to present during class discussion to deepen student understanding of the math concept.

  • Create a Math Portfolio based on Student Understandig

    Create a Math Portfolio based on Student Understandig

    Using “My Math Note” makes it easy to collect student work

    The entire lesson content can be summarized on a single Card, making it easy for students to review previous lessons. Collect all My Math Notes (MMN) from the unit, create a summary of the unit, and connect all the cards to create a unit project. MMN can be saved in the personal folder or directly on the Unit Note desktop for easy reference.

  • Grasp students growth evidence

    Grasp students growth evidence

    Evaluate student understanding with automatic grading

    Test grading can be done automatically or manually. Feedback is automatically provided to students based on their answers. Additionally, to make the Test/Quiz more exciting, there is a game mode where students respond to each question within a time limit. Teachers have the ability to edit Test/Quiz Cards to better fit the needs of their class.

  • Support a variety of learning levels

    Support a variety of learning levels

    Review “Stepping Stones” lessons for optimal individualized learning

    For students who have knowledge gaps, we have collected unit summary cards that allow for quick review in a short amount of time. These short lessons are called Stepping Stones. Teachers can distribute these Cards to students individually to support their learning, or students can retrieve the cards themselves. They are also ideal for review before tests.

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